October 19, 2010, UAB’s newest independent media source, is looking for staff!

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Greetings UAB fans, students, and alumni!

Welcome to, a brand new independent endeavor to provide Birmingham and UAB with a deeper, more connected media center for Blazer-related news, sports, and more.

We are excited to be announcing our programming slate in November, and would love for you to be a part of our team!

If you have media/journalism experience, or would like to gain useful experience/exposure in new media, we are looking for talent!
No matter what age, gender, or background, we are looking for passionate UAB fans to help out with our projects.

As of now, we are not able to provide compensation for these positions, because we are doing on a volunteer/experimental basis at this time.
Working for will be a great way to get involved more with your community/school and work with others who have the same passion for UAB as you.
It will also provide great examples to put in your portfolio if you are interested in going into the media field professionally.

We are looking for the following positions.  If you are interested in ANY of them, please send your information including name, location, experience (if any), and a paragraph or two about how you would be a great pick for BlazerTV.comto!
The number of available positions are listed beside the title in parenthesis.

All of these positions are voluntary, part-time, and flexible.  We are not an employer and won’t treat you like one, but we are looking to create a team of people that enjoy doing something they love and being part of something bigger for the benefit of UAB!

Sports Reporter (3):

Do you love UAB Sports?  Do you love all of the UAB Blazer teams, or frequent one sport in particular?
Either way, we could use your help.  If you have ever wanted to be in front of the camera talking sports,
this is the job for you.  This position consists of taking an assignment (that is of interest to YOU) from
our Sports Producer, organizing any interviews or shots you’ll need, and putting together a segment together
for a weekly sports report.  Don’t worry about cameras, microphones, editing, or anything…as we have you covered.
You just have to take a story assignment, find the story, and report it.  You will also be responsible for telling
the Sports Producer when/where you’d like to film your segment or if you need footage of anything in particular for
the piece…and he/she will take care of the rest.

Community Reporter (2):

Not huge on sports, or would like to cover something else for a change?  We need reporters to cover the UAB
community.  This title is different from the Sports Reporter position in that it puts the role of finding
assignments mostly on the reporters.  Although every so often the Community Producer might assign a specific
topic or story for you to cover, most of the time you will be the one to find the story.
Just found out that there’s a Facebook campaign to extend library hours?  It’s your job to tell the
Community Producer what you are doing and get approval, find out who started it, why they started it, etc.
Let your producer know if when/where any interviews need to happen and if you need any footage for the piece.
After that…the producer will take care of the rest!

Producer (4):

This is the most generic title, but it can also be the most fun.  The producers are involved with everything
except being on camera.  You can be a general producer, who helps with tasks in a multitude of things,
or you might be assigned to a certain area and become a Content Producer (Sports, Community, etc.).
Producers are what make or break  They are responsible for staying in the know and picking up interesting stories,
helping reporters develop/write their stories, website work, video-editing, audio-editing, scheduling interviews,
organizing reporting and videography staff, etc.  The producer position is not as hard as it looks, and you will be assisted
the entire way (with editing, training, assignments) by our excellent Executive Producers.

Sound Engineer (2):

If you have sound experience, great.  If not, no problem.  We can teach you the basics of what we need and you’ll learn as you go.
Basically we need somebody to be involved behind the scenes of the live-recorded content, and make sure everything sounds okay and
is working properly.  Also, during shows that take call-ins, we need you to be able to answer and patch in the calls to the show
live.  This isn’t as hard as it sounds and if you’d ever answered your cell-phone, you can do it.
If you have more experience, or learn more as you go, more responsibility may come later.

Videographer (2):

Since we are low on starting equipment, if you have your own camera equipment, great.  If not, we can make do with what we have.
Basically, we need people to setup, shoot, and possibly do some basic edits on reports, interviews, and other footage that may be
needed.  Depending on how production works in the future, we may need a videographer just for live-recorded shows such as live
call-in shows, etc.  If you have any experience working a camera (from your friend’s birthday party to professional), we’d love
to have you on board.  You will gain valuable experience if you haven’t already, and be able to build your portfolio with relevant,
useful projects for UAB and it’s community.


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