August 22, 2012

New C-USA promo features UAB “losing with grace”

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Written by: Mitchell Miller
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Conference USA just posted a brand-new football “Sportsmanship” promo featuring all of the current members of C-USA.

During the promotional video, many factors of sportsmanship are presented through quoted soundbites from C-USA football players. Examples include: “respect”, “play by the rules”, and “humility”.

However, when it comes for UAB’s turn in the promo, the highlight shows an excited Jonathan Perry giving a celebratory hand-slap to a teammate as the voice-over proclaims “losing with grace”.  Obviously, the highlight is from footage directly after a play worth celebrating (UAB won this particular game – last season against Memphis), but with the added voice-over it almost makes the UAB players appear overjoyed at losing.

While losing with grace is certainly a virtuous quality to have…every other team in the promo had something more positive displayed with their highlight other than “losing” including UCF, UTEP, Memphis, and Tulane…all teams that finished lower than UAB in the Conference USA standings last year in football.  See the full promo yourself here:

UAB Football starts the season on Saturday, September 1st at 11am.  I doubt the coaching staff or players are worried about such a small element of a small promo.  But how do fans feel about this?  Is this really even something worth being offended by?  It probably wasn’t done on purpose, but I have to wonder why “losing” is ever mentioned in a promo trying to show your athletics conference in a positive light.  At the very least, it’s unfortunate (and slightly humorous) that it happened to align that way in the promo considering the losing stigma that seems to have been attached to Blazer football in recent years.  

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.  I’d love to hear them!


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  • Ron Naccari

    Coach McGee should see this and replay it for the team. This seems to be what the rest of the conference thinks of us. I don’t think our players want to be so disrespected.

  • Lee Miller

    It’s a small thing that I wouldn’t want to lose sleep over, but it is definitely annoying. It shows a poor job done by the creators of the promo. However, I’m just going to look forward and hope we can finally see UAB Football back in a positive direction.

  • Matthew

    If anything, Memphis or Tulane should have been put there. I believe both teams have finished below UAB in the C-USA standings since the 2008 season. Hope we use that as motivation, as the UAB losing mentality is about to be a thing of the past.

  • Mitchell Miller

    Thanks for the comments.  I know this promo means nothing…and I’m sure
    it wasn’t intentional at all.  The entire thing that bugs me is what I
    put in the piece after the promo video…and it really has nothing to do
    with UAB.  Why is “losing” even mentioned at all in a promotional video
    trying to show off your conference?  Doesn’t make any sense…but maybe
    that’s just me.

  • Pence4uab


  • Marchmadhatter

    Not a big deal. They could have just as easily put Southern Miss there. It does bother me that the theme of the piece seems to be: We are not very good as a conference, but we do some important things. There is truth in that–there are some things as important as winning. Yet, I don’t like having losing as a core part of the promotion. I’d rather see something like: We are smart, we are fair, and we’re coming after the big boys!