June 11, 2012

Welcome to the brand new!

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Written by: Mitchell Miller
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It’s finally here.  We are incredibly excited to introduce the brand new website.

This site re-design has taken a lot of thought, work, and testing to complete, but I’m relieved to say that the bulk of the work is done.   I’d like to welcome you on behalf of all of us here at to the new version of the site…a version that we feel better represents our original intentions and will provide you more ways to get the coverage you love.


I’ve prepared a video that will explain more in-depth some of the new features that we’ve implemented, but I’d also like to take the time to talk about some of those aspects in writing.

New Branding:

The entire website has experienced a makeover, but it all starts with the actual logo for BlazerTV.  Our old logo gave us some great mileage, but it was time for a fresh, updated logo to express the new direction the site is moving.

Old Site Logo

New Site Logo

It’s not just the site logo, though.  We’ve updated the Facebook, Twitter, and other logos as well.

Old Facebook Logo

New Facebook Logo


New Organization:

Simply put…the categories on the new site just make more sense.  Gone are the confusing identifiers like “columns” and “opinion”.  Instead, we’ve organized everything into easy to navigate categories such as “Sports”, “News”, and “Shows”. This way you can get to the things you really want to see faster and quicker than ever before.

Brand new categories and sub-menus.

New Interaction:

When we decided to re-design the website, it wasn’t a random thought.  The new site is based around everything we’ve learned from the very start of BlazerTV.  The number one thing we’ve learned is that Blazer fans love to interact with us as well as each other.  We set out to make the site more accessible and interactive.  As a result, commenting on the site has never been better.  Not only does every post in our new “Feed” show the number of comments on every post…but your comments are now featured alongside the best of the best that BlazerTV has to offer, right on the front of the page.   You can click on individual comments in our scrolling “Recent Comments” bar to visit the related piece of content.

There are plenty of other great new features that have been implemented in the redesign.  We hope you enjoy the new site, but we also want you to know that this is just the start.  We plan to fully utilize this new content management system and soon we will be announcing new content that will be debuting on over the coming weeks.  Be sure to spread the word and Go Blazers!


About the Author

Mitchell Miller
Mitchell is the founder and director of Most of his work takes place behind the scenes as a producer and editor. He handles most of the video/audio work as well as developing new programming for the site. He recently took on the challenge of upgrading the website to the current format you see today. Mitchell also currently serves as the primary men's basketball and special interest reporter for and has been a featured guest on a variety of other media outlets (including 97.3 The Zone in Birmingham, AL).

  • SocaMelly

    The new site looks great! I like that you can filter searches by sport. I also like the placement of ads on the site. They are still noticeable but do not get in the way. The logo design is also quite attractive. Keep the Blazer news coming, you guys are doing a great job!

  • Bryant Bowlin

    I love the new site. I can’t wait to start reading new articles and I especially can’t wait to start watching new videos. 

  • Don Barger

    Great job.  I like the new site!

  • Paul Ensign

    Very nice. Love the new site. This is a great place for not only UAB information but C-USA as well and I encourage others to support BlazerTV’s efforts and assist when able. Good job guys!